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20. August 2019 (19:00 - 21:00)
**FINANCIAL PLANNING: Investment Basics and building wealth via Real Estate** Every investor has to start somewhere. Discover basic investments such as stocks and bonds, learn about saving practices and learn how to open a brokerage account to begin investing today. In this introductory guide, we'll walk you through the basics of real estate investing, and discuss the different ways you might acquire or take ownership in real estate investments. Our Speakers: Caroline Bell-Notzke is the Managing Director of FinMarie. She studied a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne and has over 27 years experience in tax and financial advice in Australia, the UK and now Germany. Caroline started her own successful financial advice firm in 2006 in Australia. At age 43, wanting a new challenge, she moved to a new country and started coaching financial advisers in Germany as well as presenting on how to run a business remotely using technology and exceptional customer service. She will explain you cash flow, wealth accumulation, debt management, investment management, risk management and any other issues we need to discuss to make your goals reality. Martti Mela is an experienced startup founder in property technology (PropTech) field. He has a strong knowledge in residential real estate, including housing markets, and a good overview of economic and political situation in Berlin. Martti is currently building a new financial solution helping people become homeowners by paying the mortgage down payment on their behalf. As part of the talk he will go through the topics like rent vs buy decision, financial benefits of owning real estate, current market situation, how to finance your home purchase and go through the home buying process. Tickets free of charge via **[Eventbrite](**.

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